Morning Update Feb 26, 2020

I’m am short on time, gotta load a new program into some equipment and test while they run product, barf. I’m always torn on doing that. It’s exciting and fast, but stressful.

I’m also torn on Natgas. I stay long, thinking about adding to my position again. fundamentals are holding steady. The coronavirus is waning in the news each few days until something new pops up. Yesterday it was the CDC stating that it’s coming. Well no shit it’s coming. Even with these little surprises in the media, everything is really progressing as usual.

NG1 on 1 hr chart at

The chart looks to have held and is turning. We know NG is full of surprises. I am still going to just hold what I have in UNG. I can be happy with a gain on 50% of my holding in UNG.

They are calling my name. Gotta go. I’ll hold this 50% of funds in UNG for a while if the market turns around. And if it doesn’t, I will not be out any extra. If the coronavirus is going to cause major damage, it will take a while to show up (the damaging effects that is). Good Luck


extra note: I may try a short VIX trade soon with say 5% of my funds, but I’m being patient for that trade. In this account, the trade will be made by buying SVXY.