Chart basics – getting mobile ready – Step 1

Something I didn’t cover very well when reviewing the Webull mobile app was how to make some changes to get the app appearance similar to what I’ll be showing in my examples. I didn’t realize i had already made these changes, so we’ll review. When you log in and have your watchlist pulled up on your phone, you can tap UNG to see all the details of UNG. The default chart is a line chart. I will be showing everything on a candlestick chart. To change the chart style to candlesticks, tap the candlesticks located in the upper right of the chart. I’ve circled it in the image below.

If you like the white screen, you are pretty well done for now, skip to the last image on this screen. If you would like to change your screen to the dark screen, go back to the main screen and tap on the menu on the bottom right of the screen. Shown in the image below.

Once in the menu, tap the settings icon. shown below

Then tap night mode to switch to the dark screen.

Now go back to the watchlists screen and tap on UNG again. Then just above the chart, tap “daily”. Now you’re set up with the dark screen and looking at UNG on what’s called a daily candle. On to the next lesson.

So you wanna trade… Step 2.1 (mobile app)

This is a supplement post to step 2. Since mobile trading apps are growing, it’s only right to walk through the Webull mobile app. I’ll go over some of the same features as step 2.

Signing up can be done from the app by selecting the menu tab at the bottom and “tap to sign in”. You’ll then have a choice to sign in and sign up.

Once you’ve signed up and signed in you can head back to the watchlist tab to delete and add symbols to your list.  Some changes from your phone on your account, like adding a stock to your watchlist, these same changes will show up on your browser when logged into the same account.

Now head back to the menu and tap paper trading to make your paper trades. I noticed on this screen there is an icon for orders and a tab for open orders. Open orders should be the same as working orders. These are active orders, waiting for a price to match and be filled. I’m showing one open order for UGAZ. It does not have all the details i talked about with working orders on the browser. If I tap on that order, it opens a new screen with the details of that order.

It is a limit order to buy 100 shares that is good till cancel and is not extended hours. Note: i almost always set extended hours to YES. Now if you go back to paper trading and tap on “orders”….

There is a drop down by tapping “order status” at the top. Here you can see the list of each order status, i believe i called it order progress in step 2. Small screen, again you’ll have to tap on each order to see all details. Luckily you won’t need to come here often. Head back to the paper trading screen again. The positions icon shows my current positions and the trade icon, will take me to choose a symbol to paper trade

So head back to the paper trading menu again and tap “trade” and the watchlist comes up.

Select the symbol you want to trade and the chart comes up with a paper trade button at the bottom of the screen.

Simple so far. Tap the paper trade button and there is the order window with the order details you’ve learned up to this point. Fantastic! Place a limit order or market order to buy 100 shares of the symbol you chose. If the market is closed or you place a limit order much lower than the current price, the order should show up under “open orders” similar to my ugaz order back at the paper trading screen. You can cancel the order if you wish. It is important to know that if you place an order during say early morning, even if the limit price you set is low enough to buy right away…. Here is the important part…. The order may not fill right away in a paper trade. I’ve noticed the market has to move in order for a paper trade to fill. If it’s say 10AM Est. time, orders should go through pretty quick.

Last little bit, your paper account balance and details are also there on the paper trading screen, also some performance info. Performance will be pretty much blank until you have made some trades and at least gone a few days. So give that a week or so.

I think that is all. Next up is understanding my lead if I call out my position on Twitter.


Here are a couple extras, I was using a dark screen for my chart on the mobile app. To get to this setting, tap the menu at the bottom right, then tap settings.  Night mode will change the color to the dark theme, if you tap theme, there is a setting for automatically changing the color back and forth between Bright and Dark.

Another something I feel should be left on, go to watchlist, the far left tab on the bottom.  tap on UNG, then tap on more in the bottom right, then chart settings.  Turn on “Indicators on Main Chart”.  Just know the chart indicators will get confusing in the future if this is not on.