Morning update Oct 31, 2019

I’m clueless. It’s Thursday, it’s cold, it’s projected to continue to remain cold. If it does stay cold, we will continue to go higher. Did I mention it is Thursday and the price is elevated from where the market has wanted to trade it lately. If feel we could get a surprise to the down side today but I’m not going to bet against the market at this moment. I am interested in 1 trade. Wait for the report, and short if the price pops and breaks above upper BB on 2 hours.

If the price falls after the report from say the current price, this may be a reversal or it may just be a road bump. If the price falls today and continues tomorrow I’ll go short and maybe buy DGAZ with 3% of my funds tomorrow. The price could dip today and turn to continue higher. If it remains cold, demand will remain elevated, but it must remain cold. The longer this goes on, the greater potential for a surprise fall in price, but right now I”m not ready to bet on a true reversal.

Please keep in mind when I talk about something going up or down, know that I’m talking about gas itself. I mentioned DGAZ, which is the inverse. I will always try to reference gas when I’m talking bullish or bearish.

Last thing, I’ve made some changes, there is a menu, including an education page with the First steps I’ve written organized there.