Getting started

learn what you can, then go out and find more to learn.


So you need to start from the beginning? Great! Let’s get started.

So you want to learn to trade.  I would recommend starting with less than $500, and go with Webull.  If you plan to trade with more than say… $10,000 or more; I recommend making your own decision with a larger, well know broker until you get to know more about who is out there and the dangers of picking the wrong broker.  Yes, a broker can take your money and lose it under certain conditions.  The lessons below will walk you through opening a paper trading account at All you really need is an email address to sign up for paper trading.  From there, you’ll learn some basic trade terms and how to get started making an actual trade. Find me on Twitter or Email if you have questions – Oldinvestor

If you sign up using this link, i get like 5 bucks or something; that would be cool.