learn what you can, then go out and find more to learn.


Here on the education page, I hope to organize the different categories that may be helpful in learning to get started with opening an account, and eventually trading futures, technical analysis, and the list goes on. Bare with me as I get the site populated with all of this half biased, opinionated thoughts about gas out of my head and onto the site. We’ll start with the most basic of basics of getting started and move on from there as I figure it out.


Getting started

If you know nothing, I mean nothing about trading start here. The best way to learn is to dive in and make some mistakes and find out what it’s like. This getting started series will walk you through opening a paper trading account so you can learn without using money.



If you know your way around making a trade, but you know nothing of Natural Gas, start here. These lessons should be relatively short. Fundamental supply and demand, and how they effect storage are what drives the price of natural gas.


Notes and Tools

Where ever my mind takes me, if I capture it and get it on (digital) paper, I’ll share it here.



What are those?  This is not my strong suit, and will probably get ignored until someone comes along and wants to talk more about charting.  It is still important, and needs to remain here to be discussed.



Need more? 

The education I am trying to offer is really the heart of this site thus far.  I’m learning what to present and how to present it.  Know that I will add more info as I get time.  Please come back and check periodically.