About Us

Started and managed by me, Oldinvestor (Jeremy).  I’m just a guy with a full time job and full time family and hopes and dreams to make it to early retirement or slowly shift to entrepreneurship. 

Now joined by Josh Heller.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount from Josh, especially understanding options trading.  Josh has studied many things finance, not just Natgas.  He brings a level of professionalism to ngetf.com that the rest of us could definitely learn from.   Josh would boast about self reliance, but he cannot deny that trading is his only source of income.  That speaks volumes about his experience abilities.

I was able to squeeze a personal statement from Josh about trading Natgas.

I always was attracted to this most volatile commodity, Natural Gas. As an outsider, I always thought the market whipped around far too much to make sense. As I started learning more and more about the market, I became enthralled with the trading dynamics. For me, rather than figure out where Natural gas is going, I’m trying to figure out where it isn’t going and sell credit spreads. If I do feel strongly enough, I will sometimes buy some premiums. Trading natural gas since 2010, it has not been easy and everyday is a learning experience.


The name Oldinvestor doesn’t really have a big background for me, it was just an available name that is easy to remember.  Born in 1981, I’m sooooo old, I know right!  I am just a redneck from northern hills of Arkansas.  I’m 100% an amateur investor and will never claim to be anything but.  I’ve worked in or slowly studied the Natural Gas industry since 2010.  Most of my trading experience relating to NG began in 2016 when I discovered these things called ETFs; And here we are…

As for the future of ngetf.com…  Right now Josh and I both are enjoying just keeping this site at hobby level.  Our lives are full of other events, and we have little time to dedicate to ngetf.com to create or maintain anything very large.  The good part is, we like the way things are; we get to share our thoughts.  Having to talk about gas helps force us to try and think a little harder.  The downside may be that this site may not grow into something with fancy daily charts and data.  There are plenty of sources for that.  And if there becomes a high demand for Josh and/or myself to offer a paid service with more in-depth market analysis, we’ll be happy to explore the option.  For now, if you enjoy what we share each week, know that the plan is to keep sharing it.