Update on holdings

I’ve reduced UNL and gone heavy on my BOIL short.

holdings as of pre-market 4/28/21

By heavy, I mean I’ve sold a second share and I’m not holding onto my 10 to 1 ration of UNL shares to compensate. My balance looks good, so I’m going to keep this current ratio of long/short positioning until the market comes back down some and I can start buying UNL again.

That’s it for UNL/BOIL. I’m considering a covered call in this account. The account balance is about right to open up a new position in SLB. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I’ve decided to sell a covered call against DBX (Dropbox). Holy crap, 4% on a 10 day ATM trade. I’ll take that chance.

chart of DBX on 4/28/21 at Tradingview.com

So I’ve been using this for a lot of entries lately. But it’s hard to make mistakes when everything is going up, all the damn time. With that said; DBX is at the lower end of an upward channel, possibly crossing above 20MA today. I’m going to go ahead and pull the trigger on this trade and hope that I’m not ignoring something important within DBX.

I’m going to buy 100 shares and sell an ATM call 10 days out (5/7/21 expiration). That expiration date is a day after earnings. I can always get out any time before earnings.

5/7/21 covered calls against DBX, using StreetSmartCentral.com (web application by Charles Schwab)

Check back later or tomorrow for my entry. Good Luck


updated positions with DBX included

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