Another progress report

First, I’ve located a screenshot from when my balance is within 2 cents of my current balance. This was most likely pre-market 3/2/21, with a balance of $2605.65. I was still holding UNG short.

My positions and balance on 3/2/21

Since then, I’ve made 4 trades. Also, it seems I have paid a Hard-to-Borrow fee. Well, I actually incurred the fee the day before the screenshot above, so it doesn’t count, but I’ll leave it to show the fee associated with my BOIL/UNG short. The balances shown, would be the cash balance in the account without the holdings included.

Now my current balance and holdings as of this morning, 4/19/21.

My positions as of pre-market 4/19/21

Well, a moment ago my balance was $2605.63…. of course. Anyway, I’ve ridden through another dip in the gas market. BOIL and UNL currently at a gain, but the market isn’t quite as high priced as before, so it’s not quite a direct comparison. Close enough to mention, and decay seems to be on my side. I just need to increase my holdings to boost efficiency of this trade. That’s it for now. If the market moves much higher, I’ll reduce UNL by 10 shares again. Good Luck


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