Reducing UNL

I’m reducing UNL back to 50 shares from 60.

My positions before reducing UNL

Compared to the last post I made, UNL and BOIL are generating a bit of profitability between the two. BOIL’s price has slid backward, while gas has risen slightly, pulling UNL up higher.

My positions as of the last posting on 3/25/21

Below is my positioning after selling 10 share of UNL. Most of my profits are still coming from trading around my core UNL position, but it all adds up. I’m just happy to see a clear distinction of some decay within BOIL from 3/25/21 to now.

My positioning after reducing 20 shares of UNL today

So I had added the 10 share of UNL at $7.7 and reduced at $7.94 for a $2.4 gain, proving to still be the better way to make money at this trade. The decay of BOIL is working in my favor as well.

Anyway, that is all I have for now. I’m really out of the loop. I’m planning on production running too high; LNG will be stronger this summer; power burn will be weaker than last year but stronger than the 5 year average; pricing will kind of drift for now.

Good Luck


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