My positions as of pre-market 3/25/21

Here’s the latest for my Webull account. I did add the 10 shares of UNL. I’m thinking now, maybe I should have brought my holdings in UNL up to 100 shares total vs the 60 I’m holding. Now I’m thinking I’ll simply wait. I only want to make small changes and not disrupt my account balance over heavy trading.

I don’t have any previous screenshots in this similar price range to compare my holdings and account balance, so I’ll have to leave it at that.

Since I’m not planning on doing a lot of trading, I may step up all positioning, long and short to amplified the affects of the decay/interest. I will think on this some and get back to it later. For now I’m holding and expecting an uneventful summer with the exception of hurricanes and potential LNG disruptions.

I’ll end with this; the next moment gas jumps (such as a 3 day run up, or more), I’ll wait for the price to turn down a bit and add to my BOIL short position. This and possibly reduce UNL. This is about the only thing I’m planning right now.

I am still holding a large portion of the midstream equities that I posted a couple months ago. They have gone up and back down 3/4 of the up move. I will continue to hold these to make gains/dividends. A few of them I stopped out of and wish I had not, so I’ve backed up stops on the rest and re-entered a few positions. Though producers may be struggling right now, I think midstream still has a strong future, since most are fee based on flow and there is plenty of flow to go around. Oh, and it’s EIA day today. I do not trade around the EIA report, but if you do, good luck.


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