A New Beginning – Short BOIL and UNG/Long UNL

I made one more adjustment to my account this morning. I shorted 1 share of BOIL. Know that I’m going to add at least 10 shares of UNL once the market opens.

My positions Pre-Market 2/26/21

We’ll call this the start of something new. I strategy I’ve been wanting to focus on for a while and have always been distracted by many many things in life.

So… We’ll call this a new beginning. You’ll see, in the screenshot above, “Position Ratio”. I want to keep UNL at 75% right now in order to make sure I stay long biased on the trade. I still prefer to remain bullish about the market, and let UNG/BOIL try to make me a little by decaying in price in relation to my UNL long position. At some point I should track this on a spreadsheet. Maybe weekly so I have enough time to actually keep track of it vs daily and missing every other day.

With that said. I’m going to add 10 shares of UNL to my positions at market open, this is to offset the 1 BOIL share that I shorted. I’m also interested in adding because prompt gas pricing is down below $2.75/MMbtu.

I’ll update the post when I get the shares. As for the gas market. I have seen a few things on Twitter that could indicate the market could move lower. If that is the case, I’ll be ready to add a little more to UNL. 10 share for today. Good Luck


Sorry the post is a bit sideways today, I do have a day job too.

Update to positions – added 10 shares of UNL

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