Website Problems – ok for now

So I use WordPress for this website. Anyone who’s used WordPress might know that plugins can cause headaches. Apparently Worpress updated and a plugin had a problem. I was not able to log on to fix the problem, but finally got it straightened out.

Since my last post, I’ve dumped all my long equities positions. Many of them are still quite good choices, and am still hanging on to a number of them in my 401k account with much larger positioning than in Webull. Just know this for I still like these positions and certainly like the growth that has come from them thus far.

I’m still holding my UNL/UNG positioning.

My positions as of pre-market 2/25/21

If you want to see my list of equities, go back to my previous posts and check out the screenshots. For now, I’d like to just manage UNG and UNL in Webull.

What’s Important:

Anyway, by isolating my Webull account with just this trade, I can see how each position fairs; I can also watch how the trade is affecting my account balance without having to write down all the numbers each day in a spreadsheet. I’ve always liked this trade, and my switch to BOIL/UNL at some point, but for now I’ll keep going with UNG/UNL.

Main reason for trading UNG/UNL. I need to focus on 1 thing and this makes the most sense. The trade can be a macro managed trade, with slow changes to the positions. In fact, I might start getting serious about adding a little UNL back on. I actually should have reduced another 10 share, but was spread too thing to realize this. Now that that is taken care of, lets see if this one trade can generate some capital growth within my account.

My positions will remain what is shown in the screenshot above until I feel gas prices have stopped falling. Even without a paid subscription, one can still keep track of the market. Macro View! It should be quite boring, as long as it makes money. I’ll focus more on this UNG/UNL trade more in the next post. Good Luck today, it’s EIA report day.


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