Morning Thoughts – holding

My positions as of pre-market 1/26/21

So my utilities are seeing green while everything else is still down. EOG being the worst due to a small panic sell over the Government ceasing to issue permits to drill on federal lands. As if EOG will not be so greatly affected by this. I’m going to add 1 share of EOG to my positions today once the market opens. The rest will remain the same.

As for UNG/UNL, I’ll also keep these positions the same for now.

My positions on 1/6/21

This is the screenshot from when I originally shorted UNG. I’ve improved on UNL by adding 25 shares. Otherwise, there hasn’t been enough decay/change between UNG/UNL to speak of yet. It is just going to take a while for that trade to show what it’s worth. Though trading around a core position will mess with the original numbers, I’m not going to pass up what I think is an opportunity to manage the trade for better positioning. I’m still talking about adding the 25 shares to UNL at $7.9/share. If UNL gets into the green today, I’ll reduce that position back to 50 shares total.

My focus today:

add 1 share to EOG

reduce UNL back to 50 shares total above $8.10/share

One more thing – I’m adding in 4 REITs – SPG, SRC, O, WPC

What am I doing dealing with REITs? It seems like I’m very late to that party, but I like the idea and it’s only 4 shares, so I’m going to add 1 of each and see how that goes. Look for these changes to be posted tomorrow. Good Luck


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