Morning Thoughts – holding

My positions as of pre-market 1/7/21

I’m up to my eyeballs in ignorance at work. It’s about to swallow me up.

Tip for life: There’s human speed, and there’s the speed some humans want everything around them to move at. On a general basis, that seconds speed is always 11, it al ways has been and always will be. Greed is a confusing, hard to control emotion for most people. It consumes their behavior to the point at which they cannot set it aside in order to listen to reason. For example you tell a person that Equipment B will only run at say 500 pieces a minute and they see it run at 580 for 30 seconds, they latch onto this idea that Equipment B will do 580 or why not 600 all day. Greedy does bring about certain changes that can be a good thing, just don’t be blinded by greed.

Anyway, I’m holding where I am. I’m lightly bullish still. I’m hoping to gain a little with UNG suffering vs UNL staying afloat. With such a small position, this should be good to watch with minimal damage to my account if it doesn’t work out the way I’d like. I do know this; this trade would have been perfect in October to now. Contango is not so strong now, so I may not get much from the idea of long UNL/short UNG. And it is possible, in an under-supplied market, that this trade could go completely against me. However; I’m still heavy enough on UNL that I would make money. It will be a learning experience in any case.

Today is EIA report, normal time (10:30am eastern). Good Luck


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