Afternoon Thoughts – Covered call conversion

My positions as of afternoon trading (2PM eastern time) 12/31/2020

I’m still holding long UNG and UNL with 100 shares of each. My account balance has improved drastically. I made a spur of the moment decision to sell a call against my UNG position. I sold a 9 strike with expiration of 1/8/2021. I am selling a 9 vs a 9.5 call for the protection. I am well aware that it will limit my gains drastically, but will also protect my position as well. This call will expire in 8 days, so if gas bobbles any next week, I will scrape some profits from options premium. If gas continues to go up from here, I will make money with UNL and I’ve already locked in a substantial gain with UNG directly. Good Luck

I hope 2021 is better to all of us. Cheers


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