Morning Thoughts –

I’m not going to disappear, but I’m backing away from I will still post updates, and I think about it every morning. I think I’m just getting tired of chasing my tail, and I’m finally giving in. I’m not equipped to offer good service so I should stop. I keep a lot going on all the time, and all too often I add too much to my plate.

So I’m going to go back to where I started… Simply sharing my trades for now. Maybe share a screenshot of my example account. Something like this

Example account as of pre-market 12/22/2020

As you can see, I’m still holding 100 shares of UNL. The market is trying to spur this morning. I half expect it to fall on its face. We shall see. I’ll continue to hold long.


It is because I haven’t seen/heard anything significant to share. I will post when I’m even considering making a change to my account. I might try some more covered calls. SLB ended ok. It could have been a much better trade, but it was was managed well enough. I just need to slow down a bit. Sorry that sounds shitty, I hope to always stay brutally honest with myself and everyone around me. The EIA report is expected tomorrow and everyone is expecting a big draw. This could be what has the market up this morning… that and an actual bullish weather forecast. I would be reducing UNG further this morning, had I not gotten stopped out. I’ll continue to hold UNL until there is a definite sign the market has turned to fall. There should be plenty of time to pass along the word. Good Luck


As a side note; I’m learning a bit about C programming and embedded systems to build something… hopefully automotive related. I have my eye on a module to add automatic headlights/auto dome light/ auto radio off to an older generation car/truck. It should cost less that $50 with everything included. I’ll include updates if I get anywhere. I’ll be following Microchips guide:

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