Morning Thoughts – Still Holding…..

I’m kinda tired of hearing how past presidents and such are going to “publicly receive the vaccine”. For all we know, they are getting a shot of saline to the arm… I want to believe that COVID was an accident, but it’s very hard when I look at the mass numbers of vaccines and the value of each shot and the publicity this gets big pharma and their stocks are soaring. Who’s to say one did pay someone to let that virus slip out into the public. We’ll never know. The closest we’ll ever get, is that it might have been being studied in a lab in Wuhan… I guess if it were really big pharma, the Chinese would uncovered it just to point the finger at anyone else. Life goes on, keep pushing forward.

Weather is still projected to be cold, just not quite as cold as the last forecast, but still cold. Just under average is still enough. Just under average with occasional shots colder than average is more than enough to use up the storage surplus. So I’m still holding where I am. The rest of the market is holding together about normal from what I can tell. Back to more waiting.

My positions as of pre-market 12/17/2020

I will be holding and will again have a stop placed on UNG, but moving the stop higher now. to…. $9.45 This is slightly more beneficial, while still staying clear of noise.

So I’ll be placing a stop on 100% of the UNG I’m holding.

I will give UNL a little more room, and look for a fundamental reason to reduce. If prices seem to keep going past $9.45 in UNG and aren’t pulling back any, I’ll dump half of my UNL position. This trade has turned into a real pain. Patience. Today is the EIA report, this page (the EIA Natgas storage page) will updated with new data at 10:30 eastern time. Good Luck


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