Morning Thoughts – Slow but Steady

It’s Thanksgiving week, so the markets will be closed Thursday, but Should be open Friday. Maybe the stock markets will close at noon on Friday? something like that. The EIA Natgas report will be on Wednesday this week, hopefully at the same time as normal.

Natgas “should” trade a little slower this week. With bearish weather, and storage acting as though it was going to fill to the max, prices are, what I would consider a bargain. Storage will not fill, but the threat of such an occurrence got our attention. There should be draws on storage from here on out. It will be a matter of when the surplus will be destroyed.

I’m going to refer to the latest free Bluegold article and move on to my positions, as I have not much else to say today.

My positions as of pre-market 11/23/2020

It’s looking like natgas isn’t going to get on a run up any time real soon without some major cold. The likelihood of a cold blast is always small, so I will plan on a slow, bumpy ride from here.

I am still interested in reducing UNL by 100 shares at my average of $8.13.

As for UNG, I may just dump it the day it sees a profit? I’m not sure. I suppose if it comes quickly, I’ll exit. if it takes a while, then I may place a stop once it crosses above my average. I will be looking into this and post it as soon as I make a decision. Good Luck


Tradingview is having a Black Friday Sale. I don’t think I get credit if you do the sale, but it’s a good deal.

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