Morning Thoughts – Calm Wednesday?

I doubt it, but I had to say something… I’m going to keep this short today. Summarize maybe. Natgas prices have been bouncing back and forth hard the last couple of days. December contract gapped down to $2.821, but was immediately bought up. To me, this would indicate the market is in support when prices are this low. The natgas market is always quick to change its mind, but this is firm support for now. And again, demand did swing so low that natgas was oversupplied for a few days. So I increased longs on the dip. Right now, this feels like a great opportunity, time will tell.

My positions as of pre-market 11/11/2020

So oil is up another dollar, so SLB may get out of reach too quickly to roll my call higher to keep up. I could roll up now and sacrifice some options premium, while adding to the potential to make more on the share value…. But I would be rolling out to an expiration date that I don’t like. So I’m going to wait to make a decision on SLB until at least a week from 12/4/2020, the current expiration date.

UNG/UNL, I’ll continue to hold. If prices somehow fall from here, I’ll add to UNG if January contract falls below $3. UNG has begun the roll from Dec to Jan contract today, and will be fully focused on Jan by Monday. I’m content with this. I’m simply holding for now. I also don’t see a selling point yet either. Good Luck


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