Bollinger Band Biter – UNG – 2 min chart

Very Important: I am not trading anything based on any strategy I’ve built. I am recommending you do not trade based on any strategy I build.

Saturday note: I am balancing this post and family interactions. This post will remain posted, but be incomplete until I’ve had time to focus on it. Please remain patient.

My first strategy shared here is the Bollinger Band Biter. This strategy uses Bollinger Bands® and RSI to plot entry points for trades. The BBB strategy also uses trailing stops to prevent any one trade from losing more than a pre-determined amount per trade.

Current Parameters:

Bollinger Band Length: 25 Band deviation: 2.5
RSI Length: 5 Upper Zone: 80 Lower Zone: 20
Trailing Stop; 60 cents – No profit limits set


At periodic moments the price will swing above the upper Bollinger Band. The price will swing back below the upper Bollinger Band during that same candle or in the next few candles. Many times RSI will also swing above 80 and back below 80. When the price crosses below the upper Bollinger Band and RSI crosses below 80 within 3 bars of each other, a short signal will be plotted. The strategy will not enter short if a short position is already being held. However; the strategy will cover and enter long on the first long signal following a short signal.

When holding a short position – the strategy can exit or flip and go long

When holding a long position – the strategy can exit or flip and go short

When out of all positions – the strategy will enter on the first short or long indicator

example of short entry

Week 1 Results – November 2 – November 6

2 min chart showing UNG with 200 moving average and Bollinger Band with Entry/Exit from BBB strategy

click the images to view a larger screenshot

Profit/Loss results going back to July 27, 2020

Week 2 Results – November 9 – November 13

UNG 2 min chart running BBB strategy week 2, Nov 9-13
Profit/Loss results from August 3, 2020 to November 13, 2020

Week 3 Results – November 16 – November 20

UNG 2 min chart running BBB strategy week 3, Nov 16-20
Profit/Loss results from August 10, 2020 to November 20, 2020

Loosing has begun in a big way.

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