Morning Thoughts – Oldinvestor

Looks as though Cove Point is still down for routine maintenance, and Cameron is either without power or is doing post-hurricane checks/maintenance. The Entergy website shows the Cameron facility possibly having power, but also shows areas right next to the facility without power. Either is possible I suppose, as I believe the LNG export facility has their own transmission lines. Sabine Pass is still flowing gas into their facility, and currently has 2 boats docked. It would seem Cameron is the only export facility in question. The supply/demand balance is still much in favor of bulls. The National Hurricane Center shows 1 disturbance in the Atlantic Ocean with a 30% chance of becoming a threatening storm.

With the exception of any more possible hurricanes, Natural gas is going to be on the rise on a macro scale.

Positions and P/L as of pre-market 10/12/20

I read something about it being a bank holiday, but markets seems to be trading? The shit is hitting the fan right now, gotta go. I’m holding my current positions.