Morning Thoughts – Oldinvestor

Cash prices surged and prompt pricing surged yesterday. is showing $1.41 for Louisiana, and is showing $2.611, which may seem right, but I’m not sure… I have a third price I can’t share that is in-between these two prices… Needless to say, the chaos continues. I am just happy to see SLB on the bounce, for now anyway.

Production is holding down and LNG is holding up and weather is mostly mild to slightly bullish. This could be were NG stops going lower. I want to see how today responds, and I may add to my UNL position. Basically if UNG closes above the 20 day moving average, I’ll get some more UNL. I don’t like using technicals against ETFs, but I’ll make an exception with daily chart here.

I’ve got a call. holding what i’ve got and thinking about adding to UNL. Good Luck