Morning Thoughts – Oldinvestor

Something I didn’t mention yesterday because I was not aware of it yet; LNG is on the decline again. Here is data as of yesterday morning, 9/28/20.

Daily pipeline flows to LNG export facilities at

Weather is showing up amidst the chaos for once. At least in the way that I look at the data I get. Residential/Commercial had an increase in demand, due to the cold weather. It was 43 degrees F where I am; another day like this and we will have the heat on as the house cools.

My positions and P/L as of 9/29/20 per market

Not enough has changed for me to alter any of my positions. I’m content waiting. I’m slightly tempted to short UNG here. Short UNG/Long UNL is a trade I’ve been wanting to make, but I’ve been waiting. With UNG in November contract still, it is a hazardous situation for UNG. Remember, UNL is spread over 12 contracts, so the entire market must fall to take UNL down much. I’ll look into this at market open and post if I make a move. I’m showing an interest rate of 2.38% and 150% maintenance requirement, so I won’t be shorting much. Besides, I want to stay long biased with UNL anyway. Good Luck


I found that I can short pre market, and I decided to short 10 shares of UNG at $11.77