Morning Thoughts – Oldinvestor

In the near term LNG is recovering while production is struggling. These two categories are so huge right now, what else is there? Storage is still a factor. South Central non salt injected 7Bcf last week. This week will be more, and the next week will return to something like last week. So the past becomes the future? hmm… I’m doubled down on UNL. I exited UNG too soon, but look at SLB… UNG could have done the same. I’m happy with where I’m holding. I’ll keep my positions the same today, unless UNG goes to $9.5 which is damn near impossible.

That’s it for me.

Positions as of pre market 9/25/20

UNL is going to give me 9.5 at some point, but not rush. Also, SLB should turn things around. Life for the energy service industry is rough right now. I’m content with waiting a bit on SLB. I hope your weekend is fantastic.