Morning Thoughts – Oldinvestor

Cameron is still without power. This is incredible. Looking at power outage website, it should be soon. The Cameron facility looks to be part of the last area to get power restored. The natgas picture is still the same. I am leaning toward a bullish bounce, and believe it will be amplified with news of Cameron coming back online and tankers moving in their direction. It should be a few days from now. The LNG liquefaction plant itself will probably have to undergo testing before they can start exporting again. I have no idea how long this will take. If I were to just take a shot, I would say be week end they will be exporting or at least have a statement of when they expect to do so.

I don’t have much to add. I should be adding long here, but I’m content with what I’m holding.

UNL – 50% of my max comfort in from $7.4

BOIL covered puts and SLB covered call

P/L from Covered positions as of market close 9/14/20

I hadn’t thought about it, but I could just put UNL on my sheet there. durrr

I’ve gotta go, good luck