Morning Thoughts – Oldinvestor

My mind is being flooded with stepper motors design, driver chips, pcb boards, mounting techniques, who wants what and how to put it all together and who am I going to have to get to help me program it all.

I will be honest, I feel myself loosing a grip on Natgas. I’m focused on building something that NO ONE is building. There are companies willing to chart $1500 and up to “retrofit”, but literally no one is offering a kit to replace a mechanical speedometer inside factory gauge clusters with an electronic one for less that $500.

I don’t have updated data right now anyway. RonH has posted the latest LNG pipeflows–pipeline.html

Holy crap thats a big move. Almost 6.5Bcf/d now in LNG demand. The US natgas market is certainly undersupplied at this moment. Well in relation to the 5 year average anyway. I think this may seal the deal so that South Central storage doesn’t get threatened with too much storage. Today’s EIA number should reflect a build for South Central. Also, power burn will start to fall in the South and this will offset the increases in LNG demand. And… South Central storage is almost as full right now as it is normally at EOS, so there is still a chance, because South Central will build more on lack of Power burn demand vs lack of LNG demand. I know it sounds like I’m milking this South Central storage thing. I’m really not, I’m quite bullish on the overall future of Natgas, hence the UNL and now SLB positions. Moving on.

So I’ve been a bit concerned again about my BOIL covered puts, mostly the 70 strike for December expiration. But if BOIL gets to $70/share and I think it’s going to keep going, I can choose to roll out the 70 to say March… barf… and wait it out a little longer… barf.

I’m not ready to make any moves. This is just paranoia brought on by LNG exports…

My positoins

UNL – 50% of max comfort invested from $7.4 – holding

SLB covered call and BOIL covered puts

BOIL covered puts and SLB covered call as of market close 9/9/20

I know that SLB follows oil more than natgas, so I’m risking more based on oil here, but I just like SLB and the price of SLB at this point in time. It’s EIA day today. Good luck