Morning Thoughts – Oldinvestor

Canadian imports are down over 2Bcf/d from recent highs. I’m not sure why this is… and LNG exports are now at/near 4Bcf/d

LNG export feed gas at

Sabine Pass hasn’t seen any boat traffic yet, but is starting to feed gas into their facility. They are surely testing and getting ready for their next load. Corpus Christi is pretty well at capacity. Cameron and Freeport are the two to watch to see if they will rise above 2Bcf/d at either of their facilities, as they have been expected to expand by this point. I haven’t read any news on this, but right now the goal is just to get back to previous highs with exports.

I don’t have anything else. Simply holding my positions steady

UNL – 50% in with an average of $7.4 – I may end up holding this position through 2021.

I know this year isn’t exactly like 2016, and we must get through winter first. but…

UNL from late 2015 to mid 2017 on daily chart at Webull

All I’m saying, is if the market uses up the gas surplus and continues to be under supplied in 2021, then we could have some slow grind higher as seen above. I’m simply holding until I see the market swing to over supplied again.

As for BOIL, that may have a long way to go. I looked at my account yesterday and saw they posted the interest for my BOIL position for August. Something like $27 for 100 shares short all month, and then I added 100 on 8/3/30 and 100 more 8/12/20. So the interest was somewhere between 2% and 3%. It can change daily and i don’t always keep track of it since the rate will stay low for now.

Covered puts P/L as of 9/4/20

I will be holding where I am for now. Currently no plans to change my holdings. Good luck