Morning Thoughts – Oldinvestor

BOIL and KOLD positions as of close 7/22/20

I don’t have time to talk about the market. I re-shorted 10 more shares of BOIL bringing this position a full covered put again and margin is back down to roughly $6000. KOLD is moving back down some to improve that position as well. Being that I’ve been selling puts closer to expiration, making changes like covering the put, I think are common. I like actively managing a trade, but I like the idea of making enough money to retire early more, so I’ll also leave alone the BOIL trade and let it play out to December to see what happens with that.

UNL – still 80% of funds invested and waiting.

I have not opinions on what happens today. The market does seem a bit more optimistic this week, I will give KOLD some room before I try and re-enter another short put. Good Luck