Morning Thoughts – Oldinvestor

Shit hit the fan at work (power outage) and there will be no morning post. I’ll try to talk about a new trade that I took shorting BOIL later. I’m holding steady otherwise.

Good luck


Not so morning thoughts –

About that BOIL short. Some of you are going to think I’m really quite ignorant or crazy, but I’ve sold a covered put in BOIL for 12/18/20 expiration.

BOIL short covered put taken 7/9/20

You can click the image to blow it up to view more clearly. I sold shares of BOIL at 30.2 and a 90 strike put for $61.84. This would be roughly a $2 gain by December 18

well now I have to go unwire a motor for some guy that says it’s bad, but it’s probably not bad… grrrrr