I’m going to move my funds from UNG to UNL. I’m dumping all 60% holdings in UNG and investing 80% of my funds in UNL. Now.

Better to protect right now. I want to keep my long exposure, and I may switch back to UNG when I feel there is 0 threat. UNL funds are spread evenly over 12 contracts, whereas UNG is invested in 1 (prompt or the very next contract).

So I’ll have wiped out all gains on my example account and be down about 4% since the inception of the account. UNL can easily move 10% in a few months once all this is done and I feel much better investing a larger portion of my funds in UNL than in UNG for now. It is very strange how I once felt this way toward UNG in relation to UGAZ.

UNL vs UNG on daily chart from early this year.

You see that UNG has had tremendous negative roll yield decay where UNL is actually higher than its previous low in March. Something is wrong with the timeline scale on daily chart with Webull. hmmm. It is still accurate chart wise and the comparison. I may make UNL my go-to ETF for natgas in the future. This whole blog and adventure was started to discover better options. UNL is one of them. Let’s get this done. 80% in UNL at $7.40

Right now my account is in the red by 7.7%

I’m 80% in UNL with an average of $7.40 – (so it’s 79%, but I’m calling it 80)

scroll on down to read my morning thoughts that have help scare me into this position. I feel good about this move though. I’ll sleep better.