Morning Thoughts – Oldinvestor

My mind is overrun by this protesting stuff and how politically driven it feels. I think the majority of individuals feel they are not politically driven, they just want everyone to feel safe around police enforcement. I think the media so much more politically driven than they will admit, it sticks out like a muffin top in skinny pants. I try to find new ways to search for news. There are a lot more articles being written about things we don’t get to see unless we search it out specifically.

Let’s switch to natgas. If I go to Google News and search “LNG Qatar”… I have a call now. I should return… This is interesting, I see two headlines “Qatar will not cut LNG output(production)”. One article posted on May 22, one yesterday, two different sources. “Qatar Says Big Natural Gas Expansion Plans Remain Despite Global Glut” on May 21. Looks like there are also a number of articles discussing LNG tankers as well. Qatar is really sticking their neck out here. I’m certain Qatar expenses are lower than the US to produce natgas and get it delivered to near by countries. Qatar may also be willing to accept a far less profit margin than private US companies to take on such a large investment as LNG exports. Either way, Qatar certainly has the stance they want took as much market share as possible right now.

Anyway, so some of my hot topics to search would be:

  • LNG Qatar
  • LNG Australia
  • LNG demand
  • LNG pricing
  • global natural gas storage
  • global natural gas demand.

I know IEA (not the EIA) will have some data on global natgas. Of course the EIA may also have global natgas info, but it may not be as detailed or up to date? I’m not sure. I liked gas better when it wasn’t global. I did see on twitter something about Vietnam maybe starting up their first LNG facility, I would imagine that meant imports. I’ve gotta stop before I get more scatter brained.

My position

UNG – 60% in with an average of $11.73 – still waiting for something to happen.

I’ve got another call. The plan today is to wait. I know that sounds repetitive, but the market is in this mode right now. Good luck


I should leave you with this article.