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LNG supply and demand forecast into 2035 by McKinsey

It’s amazing what you can google and find in 5 minutes. It’s also amazing how long it took me to consider searching for some info on LNG Growth figures. This image look fairly accurate, though the article is a bit older. The link under the image above will take you to the article; on page 17 starts a 5 year projection. The above image (page 26) sums it up for me. This image shows the oversupply in the current market, and “The LNG market re-balancing is expected to take place around 2022.” These expectations do not take into account the recent changes with the wuflu. We know that export projects that have not entered beginning stages of construction have an uphill battle to get started now and retain funding. However, this has not bearing on the current state of US LNG exports.

This is a bit of a surprise; apparently Australian LNG exports are doing as well as ever. This is a very short, easy read.

Australian LNG exports are holding at near-record levels, despite the global surplus of LNG and the contraction of economic activity due to COVID-19.

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I’m not able to find recent LNG export data for Qatar. I bet that Samir Madani fellow has the answer by boat.

I did discover an LNG export facility that is under construction in Texas; Golden Pass is 30% owned by Exxon, and 70% owned by Qatar Petroleum.

My time here is up

My position

UNG – 60% in still from $11.73 – waiting still

It would seem I’ll be waiting until November to sell UNG. Where is that cross-eyed emoji, you know the one with his tongue hanging out? Anyway. I don’t have any orders in right now. Still waiting to see if anything will spur NG or cause it to dump further. Patience, once again. Good Luck