The Heller Angle – May 21st, 2020

NGN20 is back towards the previous lows of 1.802 on March 16th and the recent low of 1.822 of just last week. As I write, NGN20 is trading at 1.841. I’ve written mostly about supply so far and since my first post supply has fallen further to 87.0Bcf. With the decline in production and the price for the 1.35 x 1.20 put spread again at 0.011, I feel comfortable adding to this position and selling another credit spread.

The last thing I want to do is advocate adding to positions just because the price moved against my previous trades. By trading small and knowing the max risk with an option spread trade, we can think clearly and logically and say has my view changed, do I like the position better? This way we can add to a position from strength and not from weakness. Markets will move against you and a trader needs to maintain discipline by knowing the max risk beforehand so that he/she can trade with a clear mind.

If supply had increased, or if the storage report today at 81Bcf came in higher, by no means would I add to this trade. Frankly, I’d look to sell a call spread to help move more towards a delta neutral strategy. Since I am still bullish, I am content to wait on the call side. Hopefully the market gives us another opportunity in the future, but if not than so be it. I will take the opportunities that the market gives me.

Jeremy made some good points on why the demand side is probably causing the weakness in price. With oil prices rallying back above $30 WTI, more associated gas production that was shut in due to oil will come back into the NG supply. I’m not sure when but there are good arguments that the supply will be back closer to July vs June. The arguments I’ve seen discuss how physical commodities are nominated for transport on pipelines. Being a financial player only with no physical commodity experience, I cannot opine on the truth of this statement and will monitor.

The other bearish discussion coming out of the market are more LNG cargo cancellations. This discussion has been out in the market for a while, but the demand side seems to be getting worse. As recently as a month ago, the consensus seemed to me that LNG exports would bottom at 6 Bcf. There is now discussion that exports could potentially drop under 5Bcf and possibly as low as 4Bcf. I saw a twitter post saying the Europe gas was down big again today, but have not been able to verify yet with additional posts.

Trade 3 – Sell 1.35 x 1.20 July puts for 0.011 credit (filled).

I seek out all feedback especially push back if you are bearish on NG. I’d love nothing more than to change my view if I am wrong. Please send me a tweet publicly or privately @jrhngc

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