Morning Update – May 11, 2020

Theme parks, movie theatres, fast food, larger social event, and maybe bowling – all above my threshold of risk vs reward. I cannot imagine going to a theme park right now… All these people lined up to get food, served by some kid. Might as well line up for hugs.

I have a couple guys I’m supposed to baby sit this week at work… *blank stare*

My positions:

UNG – 20% in with an average of $13.15

Friday, right before market close, I bought more UNG with 10% of funds. I think it was a bit rushed, but it is UNG. Despite LNG weaknesses, natgas prices are super low by most views. In the next couple of weeks, US temperatures will be close to the norm HDD/CDD wise. This will give a more true picture of any real weakness in demand. I t appears industrial is already recovering with many states lifting work restrictions. The only way I know to play this trade, is based on low prices. Pricing is so weak, much more and gas producers are going to be crushed. Prices are so low, there is no competing pricing, everyone is losing. So stay on the long side and trade in small amounts since moves are relatively big. Unless UNG makes another large move up/down, I’ll be waiting today. I would be interested in buying at $12, or reducing at $14

I am still awaiting funds to clear my account to trade covered calls. It may be late this week.

Good luck