Morning Update – April 7, 2020

First thing, I’m reducing… I made it a rule a few years ago, that if I ride through a tough period, I reduce down to 30% when I see my average. Now I could wait, but I’m ready to reduce to 30%. so…

I am reducing back to 31% holdings in UNG at approximately $13.5 now

My performance trading NG related ETFs vs S&P 500

I’m publishing this, and I should be able to finish this post later. I hope…

Oil is still in the spotlight. There has been and will be more production cuts in oil. This is supposed to cause production cuts in Natgas, but I haven’t seen much production decreases yet. Either way, it has the NG market in the mood to bid the price up. I think this will continue, and if UNG can just get to $14, I will start trailing with stops to sell. Things may not end up being as good or as bad as everyone might believe it to be. We’ll see. I am not interested in selling any more today. Good luck


It’s getting late in the trading session. Looking at daily updates in production, it’s hard to tell if natgas production is being effected by reduction in oil production. It is also hard to tell how much decrease in demand is seasonal decline or demand destruction. Both supply and demand are on the decline but look about average for this time of year.

I get two words in and called away again