Morning Update March 6, 2020

As it turns out, I was right about 1 thing, ZM rocket up after earnings. I just had to wait until market open yesterday morning. I sold and I’m not sure if I’ll re-enter that one. It was exciting to be right about that one. I’ve been bad wrong about the VIX. All I can say is I’ve learned out the VIX can keep accelerating even when the market price turns and turns back. I’ve taken a 10% hit in my cash trading account, which is where is generally make my mistakes and learn what not to do. I’ve also learned it’s a good opportunity to buy puts and calls against the VIX index, which can actually be fun. When you spend $50 and make 100%, that’s pretty cool. Just don’t let the coulda wouldas creep in and make you take a ridiculous chance on something new.

On with Gas, I don’t have a lot to say, except it appears I’m in for another long wait. A long wait, as in probably next week sometime. I feel I’ll be presented with another buying opportunity. It seems the coronavirus is still in control, and only getting more attention though the media seems to be trying to spotlight the democratic party.

Fundamentals for natgas are about the same. One thing to note is production is still suppressed by about 1Bcf/d. I find myself repeating that not much has changed. It’s really the surprises that cause a move, so surprise! When the report is fair, and on par with the 5yr average and the market drops, it will most likely continue on down. That appears to be a signal the market wants to go down here. The weekend is coming up, and a lot can change over the weekend. So I am not going to count on anything, just hold my current position at 70% in UNG.

I’m very late on publishing this article and I feel as though I’m rambling today. Again, I’m holding 70% of my funds in UNG, and highly doubt there is any reason for me to even talk about making an adjustment today. Good luck. I hope everyone stays safe and well; have a good weekend. Don’t stress too much.