Morning Update Jan 28, 2020

Sometimes it’s good to have a plan for those days you have a cold and took cough medicine with allergy meds in it. Anyway, the story is still the same story. The market is still oversupplied under average weather conditions. Exports are still on the up, and Imports from Canada are slightly down year over year. This is not yet enough to turn the market around.

NGH20 on Daily chart at

It would appear the price is either going to bounce here or break for a new low. I really have no idea, weather forecasts are showing some cold coming in, yet pricing is near the low. Beyond that I have nothing new today.

I’ll be holding my 80% with the same idea of reducing at $15.85 and adding at $14.4. Patience… If the prices falls this morning, i’ll try to keep an eye on it and let it go past $14.4. If I get busy with work, I’ll just take it where I can get it below $14.4. Either way, I feel like I’m going to be buying this week, quite possibly today. Maybe tomorrow I will be discussing UGAZ. Sorry about this short message today. Allergy medicine really knocks me out. Good luck today and Patience.


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