Morning Update Nov 22, 2019

This morning update comes from me at my phone.

NGZ19 Nov 22, 2019 on daily at

First off, daily chart is either showing us gas prices want to turn here or this is a bear flag. There are multiple areas of resistance, so prices could bounce around a bit on their way back up, or i think we could get in a range until weather/production figures it out for us.

I don’t know what the last weather forecast is showing, but is probably a little colder or a little warmer. The market must have a strong cold signal or prices will fail to go very high.

Because of where the price is, I’m going to assume DCOT positioning will show short position increase; I’m ready to see what the report shows.

NGZ19 Nov22,2019 on 2hr at

2 hr chart is pointing up. It is boring Friday, I dont expect much and I’m staying out on the basis that weather blunders have the biggest window to develop over the weekend. I don’t think the price is unusually low so no long. I don’t see a clear signal to short either so I’m out, holla.


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