Thoughts for Sunday Nov 10, 2019

Keep in mind I may come back and update this before open Sunday. Any extra notes I’ll extend onto the end of the post.

NG1 as of Nov 8, 2019

Friday’s weather updates shows some level of strength, maybe helping prices hold where they are. DGAZ didn’t get anywhere near $106, which may be a good thing because I would have sold off. Being back at 7% through the weekend. If the cold shown in the northeast US breaks apart, we could see gas gap back to $2.7ish.

DCOT thru Nov 5, 2019 found at

I feel that shorts will be slow to re-enter the market here, and short positioning may not get back to the extremes we’ve seen. That being said, there is room for new shorts to drive the price lower once again.

If we get anywhere near $106 on Monday, I’ll sell 50% of my position there. We’ll know more about the market and weather on Monday and I’ll make plans for the other half of the position at that time. It is possible I sell the entire position or hold for and even better price, for now this is the plan.


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