SSDD, waiting for the breakout

NG1! Oct 23, 2019

So Adam Mancini on Twitter believes we break out for a move up around 2.4 I’m long, so I like this idea, and I wouldn’t make it a habit to bet against Adam. He has very clear and concise goals when it comes to technical training, he’s just damn good at it. That being said, market sentiment is still weak, weather has been bullish so a surprise would be bearish, and oversupply still exists in a big way, hence the market sentiment. That’s a lot of commas momma. I’m just waiting for a significant break in one direction or the other outside of these trend lines. I may pittle around with some small long trades in the range if somehow the wedge doesn’t stay true. Any significant break below the lower trend, I will again add at lower BB and wait for either $2 gas or another significant signal that may come along. So far I’ve been pretty focused on daily charts and daily updates. This will probably remain for a while. I’ve got a guinea pig to help me start working on super basics. We’ll see how that goes.

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