About Us

Primarily it’s me, Oldinvestor. I will try and drag other folks on here to help me out. Right now it’s just a guy with a full time job and full time family trying to make my million dollars. It’s not about the money, it’s about the time. I want the freedom to start a non-profit automotive shop, or just sit around and eat Pizza and Bonbons all day if that’s my prerogative. I want to teach everyone around me that if even some of your choices are governed by a drive to break away from the normal grind, progress toward financial freedom is possible.

I’m actually not that old, I’m 38, i think… I’ve been learning about investing off and on for over half of my life, from when I was maybe 12 and my grandfather would ask me about Wal-Mart stock. He put some in my name when I was born, it wasn’t much, but enough to pay for college (in state). When I was in Junior high school I bought my first stock all on my own, NSCP (Netscape). I can remember using the payphone at the school to check on the price, and I had to pay $40 or so for commission, blood suckers. Around 2002 I signed up for Datek, which eventually merged and became part of TD Ameritrade. I still have an account with them today. While in college I “blew up my account” I bought Huffy bicycle and they went bankrupt. I got to experience that early on and learn from it. I will be using Webull and Tradingview for most of my examples. Both are free to sign up and use without a trading account or any money.

I’m all but certain I have a light case of A.D.D. It’s always been there, I’m not always understood well by others. Knowing this, it’s my determination and persistence that is going to allow me the success I’m striving for. If you can relate to this, you might be in the right place. Trading is not easy, and with anything in this life, there are plenty of mistakes to be made before you become even decent at it. This is why starting with a paper trading account is the best place to start learning.

It’s important to me to recognize that God doesn’t give people wealth. I do believe God made us to be talented and to learn, and this goes right along with the free will he gives us to make our own choices. God isn’t always the reason for everything. Sometimes it’s just our own good/bad choices. I’m not here to preach, just starting a website that I hope can help someone learn something. Let’s strive for that.

With that said, my objective for this website currently is to serve those less fortunate than I.  I am still learning myself, but I know i can be helpful to someone who needs it.  If you don’t need my help, maybe you can teach me something.